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Pop Art photography from the 70's
KLAUS LUCKA von Zelberschwecht photographer
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Jack Nicholson & Angelica Houston for Interview / L'Uomo Vogue Cosmo etc.
Ann Margret for Interview
Sting & The Police
Roger Moore
George Hamilton

Muhammad Ali, Charlton Heston, Kenny Rogers, Ryan O'Neil, Robbie Robinson, Gay Talese

Farah Faucet, Barbara Carera, Jennifer Grey, LaurenBacall

Jerry Hall, Nona Hendrix, Candice Bergen, Lauren Hutton

Genevieve Waite (John Phillips, Mammas and The Pappas)

Divine (more soon, like the complete shoot for the Neon Woman movie poster)

more other famous celebrities soon

for enquiries on archival glicee art prints or on canvas call 212 838-4338 or email KlausLucka@aol.com sizes up to 24"X48"

Pop Art Photography for Esquire Magazine and other magaz9ines in the 70's

celebrity and pop art pages are still under construction

Jack Nicholson (Interview Magazine, L’Uomo Vogue , Cosmopolitan Magazine still looking for the B&W negatives, may be in my Los Angeles storage)

Ann Margret (Interview Magazine, still looking for the B&W negatives, must be in the LA storage, have some B&W prints that I can scan in)

Roger Moore ( Japan - a comedian at heart)

George Hamilton (GQ, was taken shortly after he split up with Alana.
The blonde in the photo used to be Rod Stewart's girlfriend and Alana was then dating Rod Stewart)

Muhammad Ali (in my NY studio)

Charlton Heston at his house in LA while I was shooting a PSA for Alzheimers with him for TV,
gave me only one minute of photography time – he was quite sick, probably his last proper portrait taken)

Lauren Bacall (Harpers Bazaar, etc., have all the B&W negatives lots of situations on location, in her home and in my studio. )

Kenny Rogers (for him)

Sting & The Police (for their first Rolling Stone cover)

Barbara Carera (for various magazines as well as personal – friend)

Jerry Hall (Cosmopolitan Magazine US & UK)

Nona Hendrix (shot a music video for which I did photographs in B&W and color as well.)

Jennifer Grey (for Interview Magazine, when she was 18 – friend)

Candice Bergen (for her perfume Cie)

Lauren Hutton (for ABC TV)

Robbie Robertson (Cosmopolitan Magazine)

Farah Faucet (for Japan)

Gay Talese (Esquire Magazine)

Ryan O'Neil (GQ Magazine)

Genevieve Waite (Cosmopolitan Magazine, wife of John Phillips – the Mamas and the Papas)

Divine (movie poster for the Neon Woman movie - if you feel strong about Divine I have all the of B&W negatives from the shoot and can pick out more)

KlausLucka@aol.com contact Sandi Mollod 212-308-4880 SandiTV.com email: SandiMollod@aol.com