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panorama series - Klaus LUCKA von ZELBERSCHWECHT photographer


Linda, Chelsea Hotel, New York, NY Photographer, Living in a one room apartment in the Chelsea Hotel.

I'm living in my own fantasy

transcribed from recording:

Driving around Chelsea with all my possessions I came across the Chelsea Hotel, where I immediately felt at home.

Since I am a photographer, an artist, I'm always scripting myself, like being in a movie doing things my way.

I like editing my slides in high heels, or really high boots if I need a punchy feeling, put on a short skirt or a little house outfit, tie it really tight, wear my high heels, and put on some music. I'm living in my own fantasy world in New York City. You live in your own idealism.

The hotel also lets you see other people living out their fantasies and that can reflect back being comfortable living your own.

When I was doing the book "The Erotic Lives of Women" a few women in the hotel were interested in being in the book.

With different phases in life for me with this phase I love wearing clothes that have a sensuality that flows or are tight. When I was photographing some of the women in the hotel I would dress myself up in a way that would make me feel hot. There are no judgments since people live on 24-hour schedules here.

Living here is a lifestyle.

Copyright 2005 Klaus Lucka von Zelberschwecht

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